Dr. William E. Ackerman

  • He has published sixteen books and many chapters in multiple textbooks including the AMA best seller: The AMA Guides to Injury and Disease Causation (First ​and Second editions).  He authored 135 scientific articles in prestigious medical journals  such as : Anesthesia Analgesia, Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia,  Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management, The Journal of Hand Surgery  etc.
    Dr. Ackerman has been featured in the national media including television and Shapes magazine.
    He was on the Editorial Board of two peer reviewed medical journals and is a reviewer for multiple medical journals.
    He was a Lt. Col in the US Army and Chief of Anesthesiology of two  Army medical Center Hospitals and was director of pain management at two  private hospitals.
     Dr. Ackerman was Director of Pain Management at an University Hospital pain clinic and was an Associate Professor.
    ​He was director of pain management at two private hospitals and was selected to "Who's Who in International Medicine".
    He has presented his research on RSD and whiplash at international meetings.
    He has lectured at Workman's Compensation, Bar Association, Family  Practice and American Academy of Disability Evaluating  Physician meetings.
    ​He has been an expert witness for both plaintiffs and the defense in court cases including Federal court. D